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We have one foot in London and another in Tel-Aviv.

We kick-start growth funding and turn investments into meaningful partnerships.


Wekix maximises investment and market opportunities by focusing on the unique connection between Israel and London, leveraging deep roots in both hubs.


At any given time, Israel is home to thousands of innovative ideas seeking routes to market. Bestowed with capital, creative services and its own UK market potential, London also provides an ideal gateway to Europe and the US, creating an optimal environment for Israeli high-tech startups to flourish. We’re here to make the best connections and the most lucrative deals.

Wekix is here to make the most of this match made in investment heaven.


Originally formed as an early-stage fund, Wekix Ventures emerged as a result of significant successful capital investments into growth-stage Israeli startups and realizing the importance of adding value at every step of the maturity cycle.


With nearly 50 years’ combined experience, we’ve revised the traditional funding approach by shortening the investment cycle. Identifying best-in-class Israeli startups both within and outside of our portfolio, we source the right funding partners to inject capital at growth stage and lead them to a swift exit. We seek smart, dedicated teams with original technology, proven market demand and clear scalability. Our support includes hands-on guidance every step of the way across core business domains of strategy, technology, marketing, product and business development.

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