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Portfolio Companies

SideKIck Games - We Make Heroes

Side-Kick is a family and mid-core games development studio. We specialize in games that use seamless interfaces (human gestures, motions and touch) as the game's controllers. Side-Kick was created by veteran gaming industry entrepreneurs. Since its inception, it created games for the Xbox360 Kinect, PCs and tablets for publishers and technology makers.
Side-Kick’s close ties with motion control technology pioneers and core technology providers, as well as unparalleled hands-on development experience, provide the company with unique access to faster development cycles and the ability to create ground-breaking games.
At Side-Kick, we strive for perfection. We have been working on developing motion games geared for various platforms, since 2010. We have found that the design and the development of games and application with motion interfaces require considerable expertise.

Wishi - (Wear It Share It)


Wishi is set to become the world's largest online closet.
Users curate online and show off the contents of their real, physical closets, and publish newly created "looks" from their own closet, those of their friends, and their  favourite brands.  Users can also play, swap, sell and buy items from each other and from fashion brands.


DesignPax (Dispop) - Performance design marketplace

DesignPax allows online marketers to quickly order fully-customized banner ads, logos, landing pages and email campaigns, and receive professionally designed, campaign-ready graphics within 48 hours.
Formed to help marketing managers, small-business owners, affiliate marketers and eBay merchants slash the cost of production, DesignPax improves campaign quality with eye-catching creatives that are uniquely designed for each client.

The DesignPax team specializes in web marketing design and has created hundreds of original campaigns for companies of every size. Clients enter all the necessary information in one simple form that only takes a few minutes. The finished creative is delivered within 48 hours and clients can make up to three revisions without any further charge

APP-Side - Your Motion Detection App Store!

The world's first marketplace for gesture-controlled entertainment.
Provides consumer electronics manufactures a private-labelled, marketplace-as-a-service, featuring an intuitive and fun gesture-controlled Ux, an advanced games and apps catalogue, and an advanced appstore business platform.  Currently powers Asus’s Xtion store .


The App+Side store leverages our market leading motion game expertise, advanced sensor UI technology, extensive developers' community and rich shopping catalog features to create a captivating central marketplace for browsing and purchasing great motion games and apps for your device.

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